RPL Multi Instances vs Multi-DODAGs

RPL routing protocol has a notion of multiple instances and multiple DAGs. It is easy to get confused between the two. The post goes into the details of differences with use-cases.

Testing true WiFi speeds

Wifi routers claim Gigabits speed, but is it really possible to get that kind of speeds. I tried checking in local network what is the best speed that can be achieved in regular home conditions.

Sequence numbers and the use of Lollipop Counters

Lollipop counters are used in network protocols (especially routing protocols) for sequence number operations. The blog talks about the operation of lollipop counter, its advantages and an implementation experience.

Posix msgq vs SysV msgq

There are key differences between posix msgq and sysv msgq and its hard to tell which one is better. Even though posix msgqs have appeared on the scene later, there are some important design elements in sysv msgq which are not covered in posix msgqs.

IoT protocol compression

IoT protocols need to be tailored for constrained networks. 6LoWPAN, SCHC, RoHC and other compression schemes are explained.

Art of WSN Simulation for mesh networks

WSN simulation is an important aspect for IoT network protocol or application development. I ll talk about existing simulation techniques, pit-falls, and then introduce Whitefield-framework I developed.