About me

Avid coder with 18+ years of professional experience in IP Networks and Transport optimization domain. I have worked and contributed to various network stacks including Linux Kernel, LWIP, Micro IP. Have several high-value IPRs, contributed to IETF working groups and several open sources in the domain.

Professional experience working in:

  • Transport Optimization: QUIC/TCP Transport, Congestion and Flow Control optimizations
  • IoT Networks: LoWPANs, BLE, PLC, IP Compression, Founder of Whitefield-Framework, Deployed Smart Grid Solutions, High Value IPRs/Stds/Publications in last-mile constrained Mesh networks. NS3/Omnet++/Castalia/Cooja simulation expertise.
  • Security: Transport (TLS) and Network security. Cloud security, SPIFFE Framework
  • Machine Learning: Search Optimized Adaboost for object detection. Algorithms/Publications in Computer Vision
  • Video Streaming: Worked on DASH, HLS optimization with coupled-transport. Implemented H264 based transrating solutions. Have high value IPRs and did corresponding implementations for live streaming.


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My Publications

Updated on LinkedIn page


Updated on LinkedIn page


  • Linux Kernel: Improved syscall batching for network IO, Netdev 0x13 Youtube, Slides/Paper
  • IoT 6lo/RPL integration with Linux Kernel, Netdev 0x13 Youtube, Slides
  • Presenting NPDAO solution, IETF-96 Youtube
  • Neighbor Cache Mgmt Policy for 6Lo, IETF-97 Youtube
  • 6lo WG Design Team member: Fragment Forwarding for 6loWPAN Slides
  • IETF-103: Multihop 6lo fragment forwarding performance report Slides, Youtube, Data
  • Protocol compression in IoT, RFCsWeLove Youtube
  • A deep dive into Public Blockchain, IIM Bangalore Link
  • State of MultiPath Transports, RFCsWeLove: Youtube
  • IoT and Embedded OSes, Open Source India Youtube
  • RIOT Summit 2020 slides